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If you have a watch that isn’t functioning correctly, it’s time to get it serviced. Some common problems are water damage, battery replacement, and dirt on the movement. Here’s how to fix them. Water resistance is one of the top concerns of watch owners, and it’s essential to get your watch serviced if it has a problem with water resistance.

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common watch repair St Ann MO. While water damage to the exterior of a watch is typically a minor problem, water that enters the internal mechanisms can cause the watch to rust and eventually stop working. A watch repair expert can restore a water-damaged watch to new condition.

The first step is to remove the watch from the water. If the case back is open or the crystal is cracked, moisture may seep into the watch. If this happens, leave the watch flat for two or three days. This will help gravity take away some of the moisture. However, if the water has penetrated the entire watch, you may take it to a watch repair professional.

If the watch’s movement is still in good shape but stops running, then the battery needs to be replaced. Although changing a watch’s battery is relatively simple, you should leave it to the pros. A watch repair professional will know how to open the case without damaging the watch or causing water damage, install the battery correctly, and reseal it to avoid further water damage.

Watch Repair

Physical Damage

Physical damage in watch repair can come from a variety of sources. Accidental drops or daily wear can cause internal parts to break. In these instances, the original watch manufacturer may not provide warranty coverage, so the repair process may have to be completed by a third party. However, if a watch is damaged enough, it can still be repaired.

Water exposure can also cause damage to a watch. Even a drop of water can damage tiny parts of gears, causing them to rust and stop working. In this case, repair work is difficult or impossible. The parts need to be replaced. The water damage may also affect the watch’s seals.

Battery Replacement

A watch battery can become drained by too much use and needs to be replaced. The procedure is easy, but it’s essential to ensure the battery is replaced correctly, or you could damage your watch. Changing the battery in the wrong way can ruin the waterproof seal.

First, the service technician will check the battery and the condition of the contacts connecting it to the watch. A dead battery means the watch will stop working. The service technician will replace the battery if it is in good condition. However, removing the battery can harm the watch’s other functions.

When a watch nears its battery life, the second hand will jump and pause at irregular intervals. This is a warning that the battery is getting low. To avoid this, a watch repair shop can test and replace the battery.

Dirty Movement

When the movement of a watch is contaminated with dirt and other particles, it will not be able to maintain the time. It might even have a dead battery or a broken mainspring. If this is the case, you should visit a watch repair shop for a thorough check-up. The cost of this service depends on the type of watch you have. A simple analog watch might only require cleaning, but an electronic watch that needs a mainspring replacement can cost as much as $100 or more.

In addition to cleaning the movement, a full service is recommended for mechanical watches. This involves disassembling the entire movement and cleaning the parts. If needed, the service will replace worn parts and lubricate them parts. This service will also ensure the water resistance of your watch.

Light Bleed on Watch display

Light bleed is a problem with LCDs that causes uneven brightness on certain screen portions. This can appear as patches, corners, or edges. Apple Watch users have been reporting the issue on the display of the new Series 4 models. The problem only appears on the display when the light is low or when certain apps are running.

The problem occurs when the pixels on the device’s display become stuck. In some cases, dead pixels may come back to life, but only when the red, green, or blue color is affected. A recent patent from Apple claims that it will prevent this problem from happening to its displays.