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Diamond is the hardest natural substance on the planet and easily scratches any other mineral. With a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale, it outclasses other mineral substances by far. Diamond is also chemically resistant and has the highest thermal conductivity of any natural material. These properties make it suitable for use as a cutting tool and other services where durability is required.

The rareness and peculiarities of diamond features make it the world’s most popular gemstone. That enables its uses in specialty lenses where durability and performance are required. Diamonds are not native to Earth’s surface but instead get formed at high temperatures and pressures in Earth’s mantle.


The use of Diamonds as ornamental pieces has grown over the years. People interested in purchasing this luster have made jewelers cut diamonds into various forms according to the crystals’ original shape. The increasing use of diamonds in engagement rings and as a show of riches has made this crystal become significantly sought after and an ideal stone for jewelry. Although mostly used today for its prestige and beauty, the diamond remains an essential industrial crystal.

Differentiating it can be difficult for a novice with many other stones similar in physical appearance to a diamond. The high value and price of diamonds make other adulterated crystals also on the rise. Therefore, determining the real diamond can be a serious task. To avoid being cheated, jewelry lovers mostly have to visit review websites like CollectedReviews to determine where they can purchase the original crystal. In deciding to buy a diamond, the following are how to ascertain an original

Water Test

A simple way of determining the genuineness of a diamond is by conducting the water test. To perform a water test, one needs to find a regular sized drinking glass and fill a third-quarter of it with water. Afterward, one carefully drops the stone into the glass. If the crystal sinks, it’s a real diamond. If it floats underneath or at the water’s surface, one has a fake on one’s hands. A natural diamond has a high density, and the water test shows if the stone matches this density level.

Fog Test

Another way of ascertaining the authenticity of a diamond is through the fog test. One can hold the diamond or ring between two fingers and breathe on it with a puff of air for the fog test. A light fog should form on the diamond because of the moisture and heat in one’s breath. If the mist dissipates right away, the diamond is real. If it takes a couple of seconds for the fog to disperse, it is more likely that one has a fake diamond. Diamonds effectively conduct heat and therefore dissipate heat quickly.

Setting and Mount 

A way of determining a diamond’s authenticity in a ring is to observe the settings and on what it’s mounted. Because of diamonds’ expensive nature, they are hardly mounted on cheap stands and only get set in high-quality jewelry. A real diamond will get placed in platinum, yellow gold, white gold, pave or side-stone setting, and the halo setting rings.

Sparkle Test

The sparkle test does not require any special equipment to test except for one’s eyes. One can hold the diamond in question under a regular lamp and watch how light reflects off the stone. A real diamond sparkle and reflects white light exceptionally well. Diamonds could also magnificently reflect colored light or fire.

In addition to the various test above, gemologists usually have a thermal conductivity meter to test diamonds’ authenticity. They use this tool to determine the thermal conductivity of a gemstone. Because diamonds are good heat conductors, they disperse heat rapidly after being warmed. If the jewel dissipates heat at a reduced rate, the diamond is not real. When looking to purchase original diamonds, jewelry lovers can visit trusted diamond stores or read more about QP jewelers reviews to help shape their buying decisions.