What is Needed to Strt a Blog

Blogging is the new way to share information and communicate with multitudes of people with the same interests. People who enjoy writing and have a passion for a topic should consider starting a blog of their own instead of reading one. There are a few steps one needs to know about how to become a blogger to begin the process.


There are virtually no original topics to select for a blog. Topic selection needs to reflect the personality of the blogger and a passion rather than a subject. Someone who has been completing do-it-yourself projects for years will be able to share expertise and provide information that is not always common knowledge. That unique perspective will attract readers.

Choosing a Platform

A platform must be selected before a blog can be created. There are some that incur a cost and others that are free to use. The most popular platforms are the free ones because anyone can start a blog regardless of income. Some examples are WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.

These are widely used due to the multitude of tools for design, add-ons, and plug-ins. A large support forum and a fast loading site are also available for free. Platforms that incur cost may have some consulting services or designers who help set up the blog site, so this option is ideal for those who are not particularly creative.

Design Elements

Beginning bloggers will be more successful if the design and layout of the site is free of clutter and clearly indicates the purpose of the blog. A site that is overwhelming will confuse visitors and they will seek information from another blog. The landing page also needs to represent the personality and credibility of the blogger.

A retired lawyer will have more credibility than one that has just passed the bar. That is information the reader should know immediately to promote the blog and the blogger. If people perceive the blogger is simply rattling off about a topic, they will not stay.


Free platforms will not allow bloggers to upload videos or some images. The restriction is a major one for topics that are best advanced via visual aids. Ownership is retained by the platform and the blog can be deleted without permission of the blogger. This is rare but can happen.

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