Features of Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtubs Available for Consumers to Order

Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtubs help create a vintage look for bathrooms while also providing a big space to soak for people who love doing so. This traditional style makes a big difference in changing the way an existing bathroom looks. It also brings about an old-fashioned atmosphere in brand new home construction.

Colors and Finishes

Many people don’t realize that the tubs are actually built of cast iron because the surface is coated with enamel or another type of finish. Most bathtubs are white since that color goes with nearly any type of color scheme and decor. However, tubs are available in many other colors as well as with metallic finishes. Consumers can order clawfoot tubs with finishes of copper, bronze or platinum.

Weight and Durability

The manufacture of the tubs from molded iron, commonly called cast iron, makes them extremely durable as well as heavy. This is essential for a tub that stands on short legs instead of being built into the room or even placed directly on a flat surface.

Types of Tub Bases

Old-fashioned slipper-shaped and conventionally shaped bathtubs are available with large pedestal bases, but many homeowners prefer the authentic clawfoot models. Interestingly, those clawfoot stands are also offered in a large number of styles, so consumers will want to consider what they like best before placing an order.

A Brief History

The clawfoot cast iron model was actually the first type of bathtub invented. Everyone is probably familiar with images of people bathing in small metal washtubs in the yard or in the kitchen. In the late 1800s, John Michael Kohler came up with the idea of a bathtub for homes, starting with a cast iron horse trough that was covered with enamel. The company he founded continues its success story today from its location near Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Today’s Models

Today, these bathtubs are constructed by many companies and can be ordered from a supplier such as The Tub Connection. They can have faucets and handles built in, or those devices can be installed on the wall so the interior of the tub surface is free of any hardware.

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