4 Tips for Email Marketing Success

Each day, over 200 billion emails are received and sent. While most of them simply clutter inboxes all over the world, there are still ways to beat the email game. An email is a great way to connect with a customer, as long as the marketer follows the tips below.

Craft High-Quality Sales Copy

If the sales copy isn’t up to snuff, click-through rates will suffer. Customers are so used to receiving marketing emails that they tend to ignore them in most cases. To stand out in someone’s inbox, the sales copy has to be persuasive, engaging, and clever enough to convince the reader to hit the call-to-action button.

Make Emails Easier to Digest

Like sales copy, email design must make it easy for the reader to scan the message quickly. People are busier than ever, and if they’re suffering from information overload, they’ll shut down. By keeping marketing emails short, sweet, and simple, users can easily digest them, and the product remains the focus. A company’s emails are an extension of its brand, and they should look the part.

Include a Memorable Subject Line

If the reader isn’t pulled in by the email’s subject line, the marketer misses their chance. To improve open rates and overall marketing campaigns, put more effort into the subject line. It’s best to think of it as an ‘elevator pitch’ for the product or service, and as such, it should generate buzz around the product or service.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

If the subject line must be catchy, the call to action (CTA) must be even more unique. When customers click these calls to action, the battle is more than halfway over. The CTA must stand out, and by including engaging copy and bright colors, it’s easier to do that.

Email Marketing is Here to Stay

It really doesn’t matter how many new social networks crop up every year; email is still one of the biggest players in the internet marketing space. Email marketing allows companies to connect with customers, and with these tips, any marketer can be well on their way to success.

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